Paper Money

bns 1924 5

We buy all Paper Money, Canada, USA,

& World, from all years.

Especially looking for

  • Dominion of Canada notes 1870-1924; 1 Dollar, 2 Dollars, 4 Dollars, 5 Dollars, & 500 & 1,000 Dollars notes
  • Canada Chartered Banks Notes; Bank of Commerce, Bank of Montreal, Barclays, Molson Bank, Royal Bank, etc.
  • Bank of Canada 1935 Series notes in both English & French; $1,2,5,10,20,25,100,500, & $1,000
  • Bank of Canada 1937 Series notes signed on the left by Osborne
  • Bank of Canada 1954 “Devils Face” notes signed on the bottom Coyne-Towers
  • Pre-1960 Notes from Countries in the British Empire with Elizabeth II, George VI, or George V on them
  • High denomination notes from the Bahamas $10, $20, $50, $100
  • Higher value World Notes from all countries
  • Modern (1961-2000) World notes in Uncirculated condition
  • Large Sized USA Notes pre-1928

Please note that although we do buy modern Canadian paper money 1954 to date...most, especially circulated notes, are not worth a premium to face value.
Also many older world notes that are demonetized (ie no longer cashable), are also of limited collector value in used condition...for example German Marks pre-1925, former notes of “Euro” countries, most Mexican, Central American, & South American, and Asian Countries. We will buy these in bulk for our clients looking for inexpensive notes.