Sold some coins and gold. They paid me a very fair price for it. Nice and friendly . Highly recommended!
Date of Posting: 10 April 2019
Posted By: Murphy
Great service, best prices I could find to sell my old collection.
Date of Posting: 10 April 2019
Posted By: Socrates Patso
I recently entered his office after booking an appointment on short notice. When I arrived, winded from having brought two boxes of coins and a collection of jewelry from an inheritance, he was a friendly smile to greet me. After offering me some water to help calm me from my efforts, we sat down and began to talk about where these coins came from and his process. I knew little about coins and their value before entering, but he explained everything I might need to know to understand the value of certain coins etc...

He struck me as extremely honest and trustworthy. We examined hundreds of coins, both foreign and domestic, and settled on a price for those and then tackled the jewelry, most of which ended up being costume jewelry with some sentimental value, and tested many items. He even answered my question as to how gold is valued in karats...thank you.

Once the price had been agreed upon, he wrote out a cheque on the spot and even asked one of his employees to help me get what was left of my collection back to my car a 2 city blocks away.

A thoroughly pleasant experience and one I would strongly recommend to anyone!

Date of Posting: 23 March 2019
Posted By: Marc Gendron
Graphic Designer, Longueuil
I met with Michael Joffre and had an excellent experience! He explained everything to me about the pricing assessment and was very professional. I would recommend this place to anyone!
Date of Posting: 14 January 2019
Posted By: Charles Harding
I met with Michael Joffre last week to appraise and sell a large coin collection. He was pleasantly welcoming, kind and knowledgeable. I had come with my wife a new born son and even when his diaper needed to be changed, Michael cleared out his library to let my wife have some private space to change and feed him.

When it came to the coins, he sat down with us and took all the time needed to appraise every single one, showed us the current value and then what he would pay us for it. His prices are extremely fair. There is no obligation to sell either, once he tells you a price you can agree or disagree to sell.

I had rare coins from all across the world and he knew almost every one off the top of his head. Once we agreed on the total coins I was willing to sell, he issued me a cheque immediately.

It was really a comfortable experience in a private setting. He really is the only professional coin buyer I've ever met. It's not a street level store, any kind of pawn shop or gold buyer. He appreciates the coins and buys and sells them for pleasure.

I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who has a coin collection and is thinking of selling it. You won't be disappointed, you would actually be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you Michael
Date of Posting: 05 November 2018
Posted By: Mark N.
Very honest good price for what you bring, would do business again there. very professional as well
Date of Posting: 05 September 2018
Posted By: D.L.
Friendly and professional! Above all else, extremely fair price. Definitely recommend!
Date of Posting: 05 August 2018
Posted By: Gabrielle
Prompt, fair pricing in a private setting with a friendly atmosphere. All of which helps explain why the company has outlasted many competitors.
Date of Posting: 28 July 2018
Posted By: George Hohmann
(Retired) coin dealer in Fairmont, W.Va., USA, for 34 years, Charleston, WV 25314
I would highly recommend Carsley Whetstone to anyone wanting to sell coins, silver and gold. I met with Mr. Joffre who was professional and knowledgeable. I found his evaluations extremely fair and and the whole transaction went very smoothly. I live off island in Hudson and it was well worth the trip downtown to know that I received an honest and fair price for the items I sold.
Date of Posting: 26 May 2018
Posted By: Susan Filsner
The owner was very kind, welcoming and honest. I had a lot of coins and some notes I had no idea of their value and he pulled out the “blue book value” and gave me an honest price. Much appreciated, would definitely do business with them again.
Date of Posting: 05 April 2018
Posted By: Daniel

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